[★] Github Co-Pilots new feature: Ask Co-Pilot - [email protected]
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[★] Github Co-Pilots new feature: Ask Co-Pilot
The new GitHub Co-Pilot "Ask Copilot" featurethat explains code snippets and what the code is doing in plain english was recently added using AI. Co-Pilot, which is already rather controversial because of its (potentially) copyright-violating scrapes of millions of open source code repositories.

An example of a simple recursive function sprinkled with some scary looking TypeScript generics easily explained: https://2ch.sh/user/netmode/src/netmode001.jpg
That'll make reverse engineering other's code way easier. I'm glad it has been added.
ai scares me
all ai code shit is so gay literally just be a man and write your own code
Coding is for trannies
>doesn't explain what TData is

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