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Keffals cancelled for saying the «R Slur»

"Keffals", the internet streamer known best for his altercation and failed attempt at taking down the internet doxxing forum "Kiwifarms", which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, has been the subject of an ongoing cancellation campaign by users of Twitter.

The campaign stems from the streamer's use of the "R Slur"--Retard. Keffals doubled down, defending his use of the word by claiming that he, and all of his viewers identified with the word. Other users also berated keffals for being Racist, but keffals denied this, saying that his italian heritage exempted him from the accusations.

Many ragged on the streamer for his insensitivity, while others praised him, saying
>The creation of an expectation that everyone must always be walking on eggshells in every single queer space has been extremely harmful to the queer community. Keffals is unironically making these spaces less toxic and more welcoming.

The debate on Twitter continues, and keffals is continuously mocked for crediting himself with "Taking Down Kiwifarms" despite the site being fully operational.
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